Saint Tropez and Port Grimaud
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The favorite place of the stars, its colorful old town, and shady little streets, port Grimaud, the little Provencal Venice.

Discover Saint tropez  and Port grimaud

During your day trip we will take you to the place called St Tropez an Port Grimaud, 

During summer, It could be a quite long journey during summer, so we can accomodate you also including the boat transfer shuttle

Saint tropez’s name sounds like glamour and fantasy

Learn about the small towns Saint Tropez  and Port Grimaud

In Provence, st tropez is very special, its light has enchanted a lot of artists, firstly the painters

They discover a simple place of fishermen

It was historically a very strategic place along the mediterranean sea between Antibes and Toulon

Saint tropez upper views form the citadel of the 17th century, private tour with art and tours


Saint tropez and Port Grimaud day tour,

Explore the old settlmeetn, discover the nice church and the st Tropez motto,

Around the village, it was fortified and they build a citadel during the 17th century.

It was for a long time a very simple and authentic place, based on the sea economy with mainly  fishermen.

St Tropez during centuries was a fishermen village

During the 20TH century, after the 60’s, it turned  very famous and glamorous since the french actress Brigitte Bardot and many other stars fell in love with the light, the atmosphere of a  simple place.

Saint Tropez harbor private tour


Grimaud harbor, st tropez guided tour

Saint Tropez and Port Grimaud in Provence

Port Grimaud
It is also called “Provencal venice” as a small village on the water, a fantastic real estate project, with its exclusive houses  and villas and its private harbor.

Port Grimaud is a private residence. 

What a place, the dream of a man, the dream of his life. Discover the dream of his creator,architect François Spoerry


If you want you could also enjoy their local cruise to see each corner of it.

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