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City tour Nice hill top With your tour guide in Nice

City tour Nice

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Nice is a great place, vibrant town, a real gem for whoever is an art lover, a foodie , history lover

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City Tour of Nice and the highlights

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Nice plaza massena, city tour

City Tour of Nice & the surroundings

We can highly recommend to visit Villefranche sur mer

City tour Nice and villefranche sur mer, top sceneries


Villefranche surmer, gem of the french riviera

Enjoy your guided tour of Villefranche sur mer and villa Rothschild

Villefranche sur mer,

It is a beautiful town, located on the coast after Nice and the famous cape, Cap Ferrat.

It is a very charming old town  very pleasant to stroll there and discover the heritage and very nice sceneries. Founded in 1295, it has a beautiful heritage of old monuments from the 14th century and 16th century.


Villefranche sur mer cocteau chapel french riviera





Covered passages and streets of the 14th century are just incredibly picturesque, you are back in the past of the medieval ages, stroll in there and discover the local history and heritage.

villefranche rue obscure



Guided tour of the exceptional villa Rothschild in Cap Ferrat

Private guided tour villa Rothschild Cap ferrat

Enjoy another attraction and gem of the french riviera with the heritage of the exceptional villas

with your tour guide visit the exceptional villa Ephrussi de Rothschild,

Explore the 9 amazing  gardens overlooking the mediterranean sea

Rothdchild Villa, nearby Nice, cap ferrat guided tour



You will discover  a very amazing art collection displayed within the different rooms of the villa and the wonderful sea views and the 9 gardens, with their fountains.