French riviera itinerary


Day Nice Eze Monaco

Explore Nice capital of the french riviera

french riviera itinerary - Nice

With your tour guide, you will explore the main attractions of Nice, from the oldest Nice to nowadays attractions and sites.
• Nice has a colorful and vibrant old town, vieux Nice, its main monuments, such as the cathedral and the old medieval aged city, the architecture and monuments influenced by the italians
• Discover the locals markets area : Cours Saleya where all the locals go and meet, eat and have fun.
• Stroll along the colorful taste the local fresh food and flower market,
• Nice is surrounded by hills . Go the upper hill above the ancient town, admire the beautiful sceneries form there all long the Bay of Angels.
• Drive along the famous road of Nice main attraction Promenade des Anglais road Enjoy beautiful sceneries all along with very nice hotels such as the Negresco.
• have some very nice picture stops form the hill top of the Castle and Mont Boron hill
• Discover Nice harbor and the very nice settings and monuments.


French riviera itinerary - Monaco

With your tour guide, discover the local history, heritage and the must see monuments and attractions
• Explore the upper hill , old town stroll through the old streets an d see its main attractions
• its picturesque old town, the famous Cathedral, and see the changing of the guards in front of the palace.
• You could enjoy a tour inside the Palace, House of the grimaldi, Princes of Monaco.
• Have a ride the F1 race tracks from the nice harbor to Monte carlo.
• Explore Monte Carlo its luxurious Grand Casino , extra fee a visit inside is possible inside 9 am to 12 pm ; try your luck and gamble form 2 pm
• explore the luxurious area, with very nice luxurious shops.

EZE village

With your tour guide, drive to the middle road corniche, a very scenic road above the cliffs.
• Explore the ancient village of Eze village, the historical site, so charming place cobbled stone streets, amazing historical and must see place of the French riviera
Eze is a magnificent medieval village called the « eagle nest » drive along the middle Corniche road up to 1300 feet high.
• Enjoy the spectacular panoramic views from its lovely botanic garden.
• Explore the old and very picturesque streets, full of heritage, a very quaint village with lovely shops and also very nice perfume factories with a free visit to one of these perfume factories.


Day Cannes, st paul de vence and Grasse

Discover Cannes

Cannes is the famous place, Film festival location since 1946 In the old town, you could discover a more authentic historical side, monuments, and on the upper hill enjoy the best views and panorama Discover the famous Croisette boulevard where you have the film festival building and setting Cannes is facing 2 small islands, and has a beautiful location along the coast towards the Esterl range of hills.

Discover Saint Paul De Vence

French riviera itinerary - Saint Paul de Vence

Saint Paul de vence, is located on a hilltop facing the sea and the mountains, with spectacular views.

• It is the artistic place, artists, painters, and it is still an authentic place to discover with a very charming village so well preserved!
• Explore the old cobbled stone village, its charming fountains, its beautiful heritage left from the medieval ages the church and the chapel.
• Discover all the art places, studios and galleries, craftsmen also.
• Meet and artists : It could be possible also to meet there the local artists and see how they work.
• Fondation Maeght is a major museum of modern art exhibiting
• Giacometti, Chagall, Matisse, Miro…

Discover Grasse

Grasse is the international city of perfumes, you could enjoy a visit and guided tour there to know the famous place You would like to create a perfume?? why not ? Let’s do that in a funny and informative way at the « bar fragrances, is therefore possible to arrange on request, and bring your own perfume back home, as a special gift for you or someone else (Extra costs) you prefer let’s wander in the typical and old charming Grasse Discover an amazing cathedral and also the best views the Balcony.

Day St tropez and Port grimaud

Discover Saint tropez

French riviera itinerary - Saint tropez

During your day trip we will take you to the small town st tropez based at about 1.30 MN form Nice we can discover the oldest part, the medieval area, the unique church and the great views form each side Loved by painters, and artists, the st tropez village is nowadays a place to be during summer and the major festival in May St tropez, also call ST trop by the locals, is a great mix of traditions, abut also glamour and jet set style of living.

Port grimaud

Port grimaud has been created as a brand new place form nothing. from zero along the sea and rivers It could be seen as a continuation of the St tropez developement, ti is a unique type of architecture, created in the 60 ‘ S by an architect His love fo the region dn also his talent as a business men have made pro grimaud, a nest and place of eh rich and famous, to live and to sail.