Day tour in Italy

Italy private Day tour

From the French Riviera you want to spend a day tour in Italy?
Nothing is easier, as Italy border  is at about 45 mn from Nice and only 40 kms

Then you will enjoy the Italian life style, the local heritage and the great local food specialities.

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Art and tours will be very happy to organize and customize the day tour in Italy for you

For that day we will suggest you nice towns and upper charming villages , great heritage and obviously lovely tasty food. In the old town or along the sea side.


San Remo and its medieval town, along the sea side, the old cathedral and the chapels, the food market, the lovely old streets ans square to stop fro a coffee

San Remo Tour market day

even in winter is also busy here

In February they organise the song festival in San Remo, created in 1951. It is taking place in the famous old theater Ariston and also in the streets.

In March the san Remo flower festival taking place also along the sea side street of the city and the cyclist tour from Milan to San demo

SAn remo Carnival of lowers in March


Dolceaqua village

A lovely old medieval place with its picturesque old town perched on a hill. its bridge was painted by Monet when he came here to visit the region. The upper alleyways are just incredibly nice and the population is so proud of that unique heritage.

Italy dolceaqua village

We could stop also for a wine tasting to discover the local wine Rosesse and the local olive oil.


At only 30 mms of san Remo and the coast, we will vista Seborga. Old ancient settlement, the population is till maintaining strong traditions.

A unique place, very well maintained, where you could enjoy a locally lunch and have the spectacular  views along the coast from italy to France

Seborga upper village of the ligurian coast