French Riviera Art Tours

Folon chapel, ST paul de vence

During your stay here, enjoy a real French Riviera Art Tours

Major art and exhibit art tours on the french riviera with private tour guide of Art and tours

discover the French riviera  Art tours on the footpath of the artists

Menton art tour, Jean cocteau heritage

Firstly, Your tour could include the main  museums, from impressionism to modern art and contemporary art.


Picasso Museum ANtibes, discover a unique art collection and the old town attractions

French Riviera Art Tours

will be a valuable insight about the artists and especially the painters

They found here the light, the inspiration for their art.

We will not only tour in the main museums, but also discover the places where they used to live.

The tour will really focus on the intimate part of their life here to really understand their passion for the french riviera.


Here are suggestions for your private guided tour

Renoir in Cagnes sur mer 

Renpir impressionist museum

His house originally a farm is located on beautiful hill and has a fantastic view on the Haut de cagnes and the sea side of the French riviera

Marc Chagall in  Nice and in St paul de vence 

Chagall museum in Nice is called the biblical message

and in st Paul de vence, you could see some very nice and major pieces at the fondation maeght

Fondation maeght st paul de vence, art tour

Pablo Picasso in Antibes and Vallauris

Picasso Museum private guided tour

In Antibes stroll in the old town, and discover the impressive castle Grimaldi and a  unique exhibition in the museum Picasso. Paintings and ceramics, pictures, sketches.

In vallauris, discover the passion of Picasso and the art of the poteries and ceramics

henri Matisse in Nice and Vence

In Nice discover the Matisse museum from the early age as painter  to his last project in Vence the Rosary Chapel. The chapel has been totally renovated and the exhibition presents also some of the sketches, vestments

Fernand Léger in Biot

Stroll through the Fernand Léger National museum in Biot. we will guide you to learn all about his art and the very nice exhibition  paintings and ceramics

Fernadn léger ceramics, Biot national museum

Cocteau in Menton

Discover the colorful dn baroque old town, and the work of Cocteau during his years here. A great art collection and beautiful setting gby the mediterranean sea.

menton tour and the old town, the great heritage and history , private tours

Jean Cocteau and Menton art tours