Private tour of Nice

Niza promenade ddes anglais, , Nice old town, upper hill of the castle

During your stay enjoy a Private tour of Nice

Thanks to a Private tour of Nice, you could discover Nice also during the winter season, and the peak of it is the carnival

So, we will be very happy to welcome you here, from your arrival at Nice airport and we will take care of your stay here.

discover Nice old town, with locla expert tour guide cécile art and tours


Nice is the capital of the French Riviera and has a very ancient carnival

Carnival Nice the King of the City

Originally the carnival of Nice started in  the 13th century, called ” the joyous days of carnival” mocking every one and everybody behind masks.

Since the 18th century the carnival of Nice was influenced by the carnival of Venice in Italy,

And from 183O appeared the first carriages, and parades, but 1873 is the very beginning of the modern carnival with the King of the carnival entering in his city.

Today the carnival of Nice, is renown also abroad for the Battle of Flowers for all that magic and light during winter season!!

The Flower Parades

Battle of flowers Nice carnival during your private tour of Nice

Private tour of Nice will allow you to discover Nice with very valuable insight from tour guide born here

It is almost 80 000 flowers on each carriage and the very nicest costumed model throw the flowers to the visitors

All together about 2000 people work for this event, every year with passion : dancers, musicians,or carnavaliers who has all the knowledge and expertise

It is also famous for the Carnavaliers, they are not only artists and hand crafters working the whole year for the next carnival.


Here is a suggestion during  your stay here 

Of course, the is period of carnival and winter season is just a great moment also to discover the town and its surroundings

discover with your tour guide the heritage of the town of Nice, its main highlights

It could be a walking tour or also guided with a vehicle

  • Old town history and heritage at the cours saleya, Nicois culture
  • the cathedral area and the chapels of the baroque style
  • The hill top of the castle, and the medieval ages ruins, the nicest views form the old town
  • the Plaza Massena and the new gardens and fountains
  • The nice and tasty local specialties : socca pan bagnat and also the great nicois menu
  •  Garibaldi square

Carnival 2018

Have more informations about Carnical and festivities

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